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A Complete Line of URAD products to Clean Protect Condition and Waterproof ALL your Leather Products

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1. Shake jar well until it is mixed thoroughly. 

2.Remove cover, hold on a flat surface and carefully remove the plastic ring.

3. Scrape any urad from the ring into the jar. 

4. Dab a small amount onto the sponge and wipe off any excess. (if you see Urad on the sponge there is too much) only use as much as the sponge will hold.

5. Rub in gently and let dry for about 30 seconds or until it is not tacky.

6. When done replace the plastic ring to prevent Urad from drying out. 

7. Wash the sponge after each use with warm water NO SOAP. Let dry and place back in the urad jar for the next use.

8. Urad and grasso are often applied together for shoes and boots see instructions for use. 

Urad leather Cleaner

How To Apply Urad Leather Cream


What is Urad and how to apply Urad.  It is a one step leather care product. 100% NATURAL AND BIODEGRADEABLE  l that applies in 30 seconds or less.  It will clean moisturize protect and shine all in one application.  

Urad restores original color to worn faded or gray looking leather. It Revives Leather to a natural look. Protects against water salt and mold. 

Urad is available in black or neutral.  Black is for any black leather that is faded or worn. Neutral for any color leather including black.  Use on Boots shoes, saddles and tack, leather furniture, car interiors, motorcycle seats,saddle bags, Purses, boat interiors, and more. 

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